A new chapter for Colombia VC

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By Fran García

The Colombian VC landscape presents a unique paradox that mirrors the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. Despite Colombia’s reputation for fostering a robust wave of entrepreneurs, a phenomenon significantly propelled by Rappi’s success, the country has a relatively low VC fund presence. Rappi’s impact has been profound, inspiring its early employees to establish noteworthy regional enterprises like Yuno, Morado, Frubana, and others. However, this burgeoning entrepreneurial energy contrasts with the limited VC funding from local VCs, highlighting a gap in the ecosystem.

Comparatively, Colombia’s VC scene lags behind its Latin American counterparts such as Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, primarily due to the absence of supportive public policies. Unlike Mexico, which benefitted from INADEM’s direct investments in virtually every local VC fund, or Chile, where CORFO’s financing programs bolstered the VC sector, Colombia has historically lacked such governmental initiatives.

Nevertheless, Colombia’s VC landscape is on the cusp of transformation. An emerging wave of new funds and the establishment of second-time funds within Colombian borders signal a shift. Great funds like Latin Leap, Simma Capital, Polymath Ventures, InQlab, and Alive Ventures introduce fresh capital and new perspectives to the ecosystem. This influx of funds not only diversifies the investment landscape but also promises to inject vigor into the Colombian entrepreneurial scene, fostering innovation and growth.

Looking ahead, the Colombian VC ecosystem is poised for consolidation and expansion. With fresh capital set to support local startups, the forthcoming years appear promising for Colombia’s venture capital market. This anticipated influx of investments signifies a maturing ecosystem, one that is gradually overcoming its initial challenges and is ready to establish itself as a key player in the regional ecosystem.

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