Lets take the Latin American tech ecosystem to the next level.
We know it’s time for LATAM.Opportunities are vast and wide; experienced operators are building more startups than ever before.
As founders, we don’t primarily
back projects, we back founders:
We understand deep regional problems, and look for operators obsessed with them.
We love investing in people captivated by a specific, targeted problem; who are willing to try a million ways of solving it.
If we invest in you, it’s because we believe in you.
We let founders succeed following their ideas, convictions and objectives. We hate micromanaging and a big brother attitude.
We’re here for the long-ride.
We are looking for very long partnerships. We will work together from the start line to the finish line.
We execute extremely targeted interventions. We will come in when you need us, execute, and help fix any issue.
We support companies in between this framework:
Entering a new country in Latam? We can support you expanding operations.
We are very experienced raising capital, and our VC network expands throughout regions.
Whoever you need to contact, we most probably have access to them. You’re an email away from the most experienced operators in the region.
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