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As one of the first founders funds of the region, Bridge Latam aims to be the best early stage fund for the new generation of entrepreneurs. We decided to start a tradition this year by asking our team and partners for predictions of the year. We hope to include new respondents each year and within time this publication could provide an interesting landscape of what are the forecasts of entrepreneurs all around the region for the year to come. The idea is to have a perspective about the venture capital ecosystem in the region, economy in general and some social/political views. Also we want to keep track of how predictions turn out to be, so next year this publication would also include right and wrong forecasts of the year that just ended. with no further due this is our 2024 predictions:

Daniel Vogel (GP – Bridge | CEO – Bitso)

-Bitcoin price will reach USD +$100K.

Allison Campbell (GP – Bridge | Co-Founder Zubale)

-Shein becomes king of fast fashion. 

-Social commerce reaches new heights with launch of tik tok ecommerce. marketplace in e-commerce. 

-Startup funding recovers in 2nd half.

Swifties continue to boost the global economy with the world tour 😂.

Eduardo Paulsen (GP – Bridge | CEO Ben&Frank)

-There’s an Exit of more than USD $100M in Mexico.

Javier Mata (GP – Bridge | CEO Yalo)

-Apple finally revamps Siri and gets in the AI game.

-Multiple apps get disrupted by assistants, companies rush to build their assistants.

Federico Ranero (GP – Bridge | CEO Draiver)

-SpaceX surpasses $500B valuation aided by Starlink and paves the way to become one of the most profitable companies of all time.

– OpenAI remains on top of the AI battle.

-IPO market opens up in H2.

Miguel Garcia (GP – Bridge | CEO – Infosel)

-US/MX central banks pivot towards easing cycle taking interest rates down.

-MXN/USD trades below $15.

-At least one Latam VC backed startup IPOs.

-Biden & Sheinbaum wins.

Francisco Garcia (Investment Associate – Bridge)

-Mexico will start experiencing a phenomenon where the early employees of the mexican unicorns will launch their own startups as we saw in Colombia (Rappi), Brazil (Nubank), and Argentina (MELI).

-Due to the improvement of health and performance thanks to technology, we will have the Olympic games in Paris where the most world records will be broken.

-Mercado Libre stock will be up more than 20%.

Alejandro Maza (GP – Bridge | CDO – Kavak)

-At least 1 open source model (or model ensemble) will beat GPT-4  / Gemini ultra benchmarks (January).

-We’ll see a Moore’s law equivalent to AI inference, where  inference costs of main models (GPT4, Gemini, …) will  at least half every 6 months.

-100% AI generated short film streaming on major platform.

-New course records  on 5 of the 6 marathon majors.

-New Course records in women and men in UTMB & WSER.

– Non-European wins Nobel Prize in Literature.

-Nvidia top 5 company by market cap.

Patricio Aznar (Managing Partner – Bridge)

-Mexican economy to grow more than 3.5% in 2024.

-We will see 3 major exits in Latam.

-China takes 1st place in the Olympic medal table and Mexico wins 3 gold medals.

Luis Enriquez (Partner – Bridge)

-Rappi goes IPOs with an equal or better valuation than its last round.

-A US VC fund invests in a latam unicorn round.

-Trump gets elected.

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